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Ozene Realty Consultants provides superior services in real estate consulting, which helps identify available cost-saving opportunities. Our team carefully assesses your needs and will create a detailed plan to direct the sales process. We offer expert advice to help ensure that you have all the information needed to make the best possible property decision.


Whether you need advice on the best use for a property, proper land development or corporate relocation, we are qualified to provide the best possible recommendations and information to assist in the decision making process. Our services are flexible and designed to give the client the greatest freedom to choose just the services that best fits their needs.


Some of the areas we can provide advice and recommendations include, but are not limited to:


Transaction consulting

Real estate transactions can be complicated and confusing. Our consultants can help guide the process from start to finish, ensuring a quick and hassle-free transaction. We can advise with transaction negotiations or lease agreements. Documents, such as deeds of trust, purchase agreements, promissory notes, or letters of intent can also be prepared and reviewed by our consultants.


Portfolio consulting

Real estate portfolio management requires careful planning in order to maximize the return on your investments. Ozene Realty Consultants have the transaction and management experience required to optimize property value. Our professionals can ensure aspects, such as efficient use of investor capital or cash flow forecasting provides the best value to our clients. Detailed portfolio analysis can uncover hidden opportunities such as effective cost modeling, that our clients can use to their advantage.


With a dedication to producing quality results, we strive to ensure our clients’ goals are fully achieved. Because we highly customize our services, we are able to give a level of attention that leads to smart, effective decision making.

Ozene Realty Consultants offer quality realty advisory services to help our clients make the right decisions when buying and selling property. We provide recommendations and advice every step of the way in order to provide the best possible experience. Thorough and accurate market analysis gives our clients the information they need when choosing the right property for their home or business.


Our consultants have deep knowledge and understanding of the Houston market, which gives us a unique edge in being able to provide accurate local real estate information. We can provide in-depth information on topics such as school districts or area demographics and provide guidance based on your goals.


Some of the real estate advisory services we offer include:


Portfolio Valuation

Cost Containment

Market Intelligence

Due Diligence

Development Strategy

Highest and Best Use Analysis

Appraisal Management


Our broad range of advisory services is sure to suit the needs of any situation. As a market leader in real estate advisement, we have a reputation for helping you achieve enduring success, which has led to lasting relationships.

Real estate acquisition and disposition can be a complicated and tedious process. Ozene Realty Consultants are here to make the process as efficient and streamlined as possible. We go out of our way to ensure you have all the information you need, and are informed on the status of the property transaction every step of the way.


Whether you are looking to buy or sell, we have the experience and thorough knowledge of the real estate acquisition and disposition process to make them feel that every decision is the right decision. We provide comprehensive data analysis and reports to ensure our customers have every possible piece of information at your disposal.


Some of the acquisition/disposition services we offer include:


Brokerage/business consulting – Our team has the expertise and experience to provide real estate brokerage and business consulting to help ensure our clients comply with all rules and regulations regarding real estate and business transactions.


Property sales with short term leaseback


Property sales with long term leaseback


Single asset sales


Structured sales solutions


We work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive real estate strategy to make sure all of their objectives are met. With over a decade of experience on both ends of the table, we can ensure the entire buying and selling process is sound and is closed swiftly and successfully.